Wright: Manchester United are turning into Arsenal

Ian Wright reckons that Manchester United are turning into Arsenal under Jose Mourinho.

The Red Devils are the most successful side in Premier League history, but haven’t won the title in the last five years.

However, former Arsenal striker Ian Wright thinks that Manchester United are turning into his former side by playing “car-crash football”:

“It was always the seminal fixture of your season. The one which proved you were in for a year to remember if you got a result,” Wright wrote in The Sun.

“During my Arsenal days we had plenty of great battles. Manchester United, home or away — the one team that you measured yourself by. So it sums up the state of such a magnificent club that playing United now holds no fear.

“These days a trip to Old Trafford is only a great one to relish because of the stadium — certainly nothing to really chill the bones aside of that. And the saddest thing of all when I look at United under Jose Mourinho? As much as I respect him as a manager, I can’t see any way it is going to turn around.

“We all know about Jose and his third-year syndrome. But, listening to him talk, it’s as though even he has accepted it himself.

“It has me screaming: ‘Come on, man. You’ll go down as one of the greats, but the way you’re acting will tarnish everything you’ve done.’

“In many ways it’s like the last days of Arsene Wenger.

“People were watching Arsenal because it was car-crash football. United are fast turning into the same.”

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