Why Ederson should be considered as good as De Gea, Courtois, Buffon and Neuer

Among City’s 2017 summer signings was highly esteemed Benfica goalkeeper Ederson Moraes. Critics were initially skeptical of City’s valuation of the young Brazilian at £36 million, making him the most expensive goalkeeper of all time, but he has proven that he is one of the best goalkeepers in the Premier League, if not, the World.

The ex-Benfica #1 is a competent shot stopper, and a tremendous leader, and a defensive organiser. His greatest talents however are in his offensive contributions.  Out from the back, he can pick out his defenders with well-weighted short ground passes, as well as smash longer, rapier like passes over the press, right to the feet of a sky blue attacker.

Despite conceding one of the fewest amount of goals in the Premier League, his ability still would seem to be underrated. While football fans and critics alike have marvelled at City’s attacking prowess, I’d like to highlight just how crucial the goalkeeper’s responsibilities are to Man City’s system.

There is no denying that his distribution skills are among the best in the Premier League’s current keepers.  The precision of both his short-range and long-range passing is superb, and on top of that, his vision and quickness of mind allows him to put his ability to efficient use.

City’s style and system, see opponents try all kinds of tactics to overcome it. While some sit back to try to soak up pressure, others try to play City at their own game by pressing high up the field. In either scenario, Ederson has the qualities to overcome it.

While the likes of David de Gea and Thibaut Courtois are lauded for their impact with the phenomenal saves they make, Ederson should be equally praised for the impact he has on City’s build up play.

Not only is he excellent with his feet though, he also has the excellent, more traditional goalkeeping attributes between the sticks, that combined with everything else, make him one of the best in the world.

While David de Gea, Thibaut Courtois, Manuel Neuer and Gianluigi Buffon are rightly considered as four of the best goalkeepers in the world, I believe its time we start to putting the City ‘keeper in that same bracket.