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Wenger: European Super League is “inevitable”

As Arsene Wenger prepares to call time his 22 year career in charge at Arsenal, the three time Premier League winning manager believes that a breakaway European Super League is ‘inevitable’.

A European Super League has been mooted for a number of years, with Europes top clubs thought to be ready to abandon their domestic leagues to form a lucrative inter-continental super league, although nothing has ever come to fruition.

However, the outgoing Arsenal boss said it is just a matter of time before it does:

“The European League will happen and it will be soon because it’s a way for other clubs to fight against the financial power of the Premier League.

“You will have a European League played at weekends because the Champions League doesn’t sell well any more.

“But if you have Real Madrid vs Arsenal or Manchester United vs Bayern Munich every week, the audiences will be good.

“It is inevitable because sharing the money between big clubs and the small clubs will become more of a problem.

“The big clubs will say that nobody wants to watch if two smaller clubs are playing each other.

“They will say ‘people want to watch quality, so why should we have to share the money?’

“Money in football is not a problem, it’s the way it has been used. It has reduced the uncertainty of the game a bit.

“Overall in Europe, you have big, big financial powers and in December you can already say who will win the league. That is not good.

“So if you want to make the Premier League more attractive you have to go down to 16 teams and make a real competition of it.

“If the European League comes, all the leagues will be smaller.”

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