WATCH: Jose Mourinho’s incredible pre-Brighton press conference

You may have heard about it, you may have read some quotes from it, but here it is Jose Mourinho’s incredible press conference ahead of Manchester United’s FA Cup quarter final against Brighton.

It’s been a fortnight of ups-and-downs, well, quite a few ups to be honest with victories over Chelsea, Crystal Palace and Liverpool. However all that was topped off by what seemed at the time like a catastrophic defeat to Sevilla that saw them crash out if the Champions League.

However, Jose Mourinho insisted that his players have trained well since that defeat, before embarking on a passionate speech outlining what he describes as the clubs ‘football heritage’.

Without further ado, pull up a chair and set aside the next 15 minutes because he went of quite a rant!

Heres is Mourinho’s pre match press conference.

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