WATCH: Arsenal and Liverpool legends discuss EPL hardmen

There has been much debate in recent years about how harsher punishment for full blooded challenges, has resulted in some of the old fashioned tackles – that many of us grew up watching – almost becoming extinct.

We recently published our own list of the Premier League’s 5 Hardest Men ever, and in a recent discussion on BT Sport Liverpool and Arsenal legends Steven Gerrard and Martin Keown had their say on who their toughest opponents were.

Interestingly, Gerrard revealed that he found different opponents difficult to play against for a host of different reasons, and not always necessarily due to brute force. The former Liverpool captain did recall however, being left with bruised legs after England training sessions with fellow pundit Keown.

Former Arsenal defender Keown admitted that some of the tackles he witnessed as a young player would be classed as criminal today, and reminisced about his former team-mate Patrick Vieira’s reaction to first meeting legendary hardman Vinny Jones.

Check out the full video below.

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