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Tweets of the Week – The perfect pass, Ronaldo’s awful acting, and Lampard the night king

The best and funniest football-related tweets of the week, featuring the perfect pass, Cristiano Ronaldo’s awful acting in an awful advert, Daniele De Rossi getting in the spirit of Argentine football, and Frank Lampard the Tory Night King. 

The timing, the weight of the pass, the vision. Pass of the century, this. 

Swing and a miss. And another. 

Imagine having as much money as Cristiano Ronaldo, but still willingly do this advert. 

Gary, do yourself a favour and logout.

Something tells me Daniele De Rossi is going to get on just fine in Argentinian football.

Frank, mate. No.

At least the Leeds United fan had an excuse, whereas this guy’s an alleged professional.

This is what you’d get if you crossed football with American Gladiators.

The greatest sixty seconds in the lives of Liverpool fans.

Oh Celtic, will you ever stop embarrassing yourself. 

Maybe think twice next time before you hit send. Could bite you in the arse five years down the road. 

This week has just been non-stop roasting.

Virgil talking sense. 

A class act.

It was a great night for Liverpool, but ended in bizarre circumstances for goalkeeper Adrian after suffering a freak injury:

Solidarity from everyone here at The Football Faithful to Andy.

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