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Tweets of the Week: Norwich troll City, Lampard’s true impact at Chelsea, and negative Neymar

The best and funniest tweets from the world of football, featuring Norwich’s trolling of Manchester City, the startling impact Frank Lampard has had on Chelsea’s young stars, and Neymar’s negativity in Paris. 

Norwich fans enjoyed that win over Man City anyway.

The Canaries rubbed it in for good measure after the final whistle. 

But they were well worth the win in the end. 

I wonder if Vincent Kompany is available to come back…

Speaking of, this might be the best Kompany story you haven’t heard. 

What a difference a month (and a manager with foresight) makes. 

The greatest moment in Emmanuel Adebayor’s career.

That’s just naughty. 

“Can we have our ball back, please?”

A good point, well made.

This former Man City midfielder will never make the grade for Ireland with this carry on:

If there was a World Cup for sulking, Neymar would win every time.

A picture says a thousand words. 

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