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Tweets of the Week: Death by Man United vs Arsenal, secret agent Serge Gnabry, Rihanna hates VAR

The best and funniest tweets from the world of football, featuring possibly the worst game in the history of Monday Night Football, Arsenal sabotaging Spurs, and Rihanna weighing in on VAR decisions. 


After having to sit through Manchester United vs Arsenal, it was difficult to describe what it was like as a viewing experience.

Some people were angry that Granit Xhaka didn’t simply eat the ball whole to stop it from going in the net. 

At least now we can put that awful match behind us.

Meanwhile in the Champions League, Tottenham Hotspur were very hospitable hosts for Bayern Munich. 

This was obviously Arsenal’s plan all along when they sold Serge Gnabry to Bayern.

He might as well have stuck his flag into the pitch, Graeme Souness at Galatasaray style. 

Javi, WHAT are you doing?

He really didn’t want him to have the match ball. 

Spurs took the defeat really badly. 

At least they had a chance to redeem themselves on Saturday…

Oh no…

It’s not going too well for Real Madrid either.

Das ist the f*cking stuff, ja.

No way it was offside, ref.

Experienced at the back, but lacks creativity in the midfield.

And finally, we pay our respects to a Twitter king: the AS Roma admin.

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