Tuchel discusses ‘uncertainty’ at Chelsea following Abramovich announcement

Thomas Tuchel has said that he isn’t worried by the ‘uncertainty’ surrounding the club’s future following Roman Abramovich’s announcement that he intends to sell the club.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine last week has seen a whole host of sanctions being placed on organisations and individuals, with Roman Abramovich one of a number of billionaires who have been hit by the EU, though so far, not by the UK.


He initially said he was going to hand over ‘stewardship’ of the club to Chelsea’s foundation trustees, though has since released a further statement in which he outlined his intent to sell the club, with the net proceeds to be donated to ‘all victims of the war in Ukraine’.

Since Abramovich’s 2003 takeover, Chelsea have been the most successful side in English football, with his departure raising plenty of question marks over whether such success can be maintained after his departure.

However, one man who doesn’t seem to be too bothered is current Blues boss, Thomas Tuchel, who has said that he and the players are simply focussing to do their best on the pitch, admitting they ‘don’t have a lot of influence’ on the transfer of power.

“We had a briefing here the day after the match from Petr (Cech), who gave everyone here in the building, including the players, a quick brief and explained the situation,” he told a pre-match press conference.

“It was not too much that we did not already know so we have to live in this situation.

“It doesn’t make sense to worry too much because we don’t have a lot of influence, if any influence at all.

“We are allowed to focus on football and do the best to focus on football.

“It was not only the team but the whole staff, this is what we try and do, to create an atmosphere where you feel safe once you enter the building, where you feel calm, because we do this on a daily basis it can help now with the situation.

“Of course there is uncertainty, like with all humans, there are almost 100 people in the building and everybody will feel different about this. Some will feel scared, some will feel excited, some will feel sad and I think everything is allowed for every individual but we can and should allow ourselves to focus on what we love the most and this is football.”

Asked if his future could be in doubt following the sale of the club, the Champions League winning coach said he felt the club was ‘a perfect fit’ for him, before adding that he is loving working in English football.

“I have the opposite of a problem of staying here. I love working in the Premier League and in England and feel the tradition and love for sport. It is an amazing place to be.

“Chelsea, from my point of view, is the perfect fit and I love to be here and everything about the club. Hopefully, it continues.

“There is an uncertainty but isn’t it always as a football manager? So I am trained to live with it at different levels and this is quite the level, I have to be honest. But I am positive and I hope things will end well.”

Chelsea have a number of players out of contract at the end of the season, including Antonio Rudiger, Andreas Christensen and captain Cesar Azpilicueta, while the club will also be starting to formulate their planning for this summers transfer window.

Asked if the uncertainty could have an impact on negotiations with players and other clubs, he said: “We can’t help it. It is what it is.

“You never know maybe it has a positive effect on negotiations or maybe a negative effect. We can’t predict and do not want to start predicting scenarios.

“Still I hope for a positive outcome and still I think Chelsea is a strong club and will stay a strong club. Our owner has decided to sell the club but he is selling a strong, solid and very well organised club at the highest level.”

Asked about his opinion of the departing owner, he said: “He was and is a very very passionate owner, who cares about the team, the club and the performance personally, which is very rare and makes him very special.

“Let’s speak in 20 years and we’ll see [if the next owner is as successful]. Whoever buys Chelsea is lucky to have it.”

Chelsea travel to Burnley on Saturday as they look to strengthen their position within the top four.

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