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The Kompany meme, Walter’s piggy prank and laughing at Leeds – Tweets of the Week

The funniest and best football-related tweets from an absolutely mental week, featuring Vincent Kompany retiring to become a meme, Jon Walter’s pig headed prank, and Leeds falling apart again.

So Manchester City did it, they won The Treble. Or, at least a treble. On Saturday they captured the FA Cup following a kickaround in the park with a bunch of lads in yellow and black tops. Maybe next year they’ll face an actual challenge.

Vincent Kompany almost felt bad about inflicting that defeat on Watford. Almost.

On the other side of the city however, Man United have really fallen on hard times of late.

Pep is having none of your ignorance, mate.

Can’t wait for the Netflix documentary.

Although that doesn’t lay a glove on this outrageously good video by the German national team ahead of the Fifa Women’s World Cup this summer.

There’s only one El Capitano.


All the money in the world can’t buy you love.

The story Jon Walters will be telling until his dying day.

Match-going fans are now treating football as some sort of virtual reality experience they can actively engage in. This isn’t Tekken, lads.

Meanwhile in France, it was the referee who was lashing out at a player.

A case of unfortunate word placement.

Oh, is it that time of year again? Where we get to point and laugh at Leeds.

Hardly a better payoff at the end of a clip than this.

And finally, a throwback to an iconic moment.

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