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The Impact of the Premier League on the UK Community

The Impact of the Premier League on the UK Community

The Premier League is one of the top football leagues in the world that enjoys a huge following and also generates among the highest revenues. In fact, the revenue is so high that its contribution to the UK economy and community cannot be understated.

Most of the time, football fans are only thrilled by the action on the pitch and would care less about what happens outside the field. In this article, we will cover just how the Premier League has a big impact in the UK, so get ready to be surprised.

Gaming Culture

The UK’s gaming scene has seen a significant makeover thanks to the Premier League. Notably, video game tournaments featuring football games like eFootball and FIFA have surged, not just for profit but also as popular pastimes. The Premier League’s massive fame has also driven the Fantasy Premier League’s (FPL) growth. Boasting a staggering 11.4 million participants last season—it’s the world’s largest fantasy league.

Employment Opportunities

The Premier League isn’t just about the exciting games; it’s also a hub of job possibilities that help the community thrive. As the new season gets closer, big clubs like Arsenal, Chelsea, Everton, Liverpool, Manchester City, and Manchester United actively seek new club members.

They’re not just seeking football players, though. They need people for all sorts of jobs, like running stores, serving guests in hospitality, keeping everyone safe as security officers, and even guiding tours.

These positions offer competitive salaries and include perks like healthcare coverage, training options, and adaptable work schedules. As soon as the league is back on, the stadiums are always busy whether it’s a match day, training or any other day. Clearly, the impact of the Premier League goes beyond just delighting fans; it serves as a significant employment hub, fostering community engagement and unity.


As recent research shows, the Premier League plays a massive role in bringing more tourists to the United Kingdom. According to VisitBritain’s report on “Football Tourism in the UK,” soccer, especially the Premier League, brings in many people from around the world.

In 2019, more than 1.5 million visitors came to watch football games in person, a big jump of 66% compared to 2011. These visitors added a whopping £1.4 billion to the local economy, a huge increase of 84% from 2011. This money helped out local restaurants, hotels, and places that offer hospitality.

It’s not just vacationers who enjoy the football matches; business travellers from other countries also like to be part of the excitement. The Premier League is loved by many because of its broad appeal with famous and electric stadiums like Old Trafford and Anfield. This makes it a big attraction for people around the world, bringing them to different parts of the UK and giving a boost to local economies all year round.

Revenue Generation

The Premier League is like a financial powerhouse in the world of sports. It’s so strong that it’s even bigger than the economies of more than 50 countries and some of the biggest supermarkets in the UK. According to Ernst & Young, in the 2019/20 season, even with the challenges of covid-19, the Premier League added a massive £7.6 billion to the UK’s economy.

Out of this, £3.9 billion came directly from the league and its clubs. Another £1.5 billion came indirectly through all the businesses that work with the league, and an extra £2.1 billion came from the impact this spending had on other parts of the economy.

To put this into perspective, this 0.33% chunk of the UK’s economy is even more than what big names like Tesco and AstraZeneca contribute. When you look at it globally, the Premier League’s money is on par with what smaller countries make in a year. This shows how vital the Premier League is to the UK’s economy.

Infrastructure Development

The Premier League plays a key role in driving local infrastructure development. Football clubs contribute significantly to their communities, fostering solid relationships and unity.

Financially, Premier League clubs have injected £455 million into their local areas, collaborating with local councils to revitalise regions and establish new public amenities. This infusion of funds aids in enhancing local infrastructure, promoting community safety, and garnering public and political backing.

A notable instance is the Anfield Project in Liverpool, where the football club’s investment led to area rejuvenation, including new properties and public spaces. This has had a positive ripple effect on property prices, with a 9.6% rise around Anfield.

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