Talks Proposed to Change Transfer Window Deadline

Premier League teams are to discuss a new summer transfer window which would bring the deadline forward to before the season begins.

According to Sky Sports, these talks will happen next month, with every Premier League club involved in the discussion. They are to decide whether or not to change the deadline for the summer transfer window, which traditionally closes at the end of August/start of September, over three weeks after the season has begun.

Reportedly the ‘majority’ of teams in the English top-flight are preferable of the proposed changes, and voting may happen at the next shareholder’s meeting, in September. At least 14 of the 20 teams in the league must agree with the changes for them to be implemented.


Sky Sports report that some clubs believe that a change to the transfer window deadline would be ‘better for the league’s integrity’, as no players could be signed from when the new season begins until the transfer window in January.

One manager to openly endorse the concept is Swansea City manager, Paul Clement:

“Our club would support that decision. The majority of clubs are in favour but maybe all have to be for it to go through. It could happen next year.”


One of the doubts about the idea is that Premier League clubs could be weaker if the transfer window ended at the start of August.

Other teams in Europe, including those in Spain and Italy, would still be able to sign players from the English teams, in line with their own league’s deadlines.

Premier League clubs could lose players, and then be unable to sign anyone to replace them, or any players to reinforce their sides once the season has begun.

This could mean that English teams are left with a competitive disadvantage, particularly regarding European competition. 

The January transfer window would be unaffected by these proposals as talks are currently only related to the summer window.

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