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‘I let myself down and the club’ – Dele Alli admits his Coronavirus post ‘wasn’t funny’

Dele Alli has apologised following a post on social media about the coronavirus, admitting he let both himself and Tottenham down by joking about the outbreak.

The England international posted a video on Snapchat appearing to mock the outbreak of the virus, the clip showing Alli wearing a mask before turning to a man of Asian appearance and a bottle of antiseptic handwash.

The virus has led to hundreds of deaths in China and has been described as a ‘serious and imminent threat’ to public health by the UK government, with thousands of reported cases beginning to appear worldwide.

The Tottenham midfielder would later delete the video and has now offered an apology, the 23-year-old admitting the clip ‘wasn’t funny’ and adding that the topic is not ‘something that should be joked about’.

“Hi guys, it’s Dele; I just wanted to apologise on my behalf for the video I posted on Snapchat yesterday,” he said.

“It wasn’t funny and I realised that immediately and took it down. I let myself down and the club.

“I don’t want you to have that impression of me because it wasn’t funny and I realised that straight away and took it down.

“It isn’t something that should be joked about. I’m sending all my love and all my thoughts and prayers to everyone in China.”

The Football Association have contacted the midfielder regarding the matter.

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