Even Sky and BT apparently want controversial £14.95 PPV service scrapped

After implementing one of the most unpopular decisions in recent times, it’s now been alleged that even Sky and BT wish to scrap the controversial £14.95 pay-per-view system.

Despite clubs continuing to be unable to let in supporters, the brilliant minds at the Premier League decided that it was time to end the ‘free’ viewing of every league fixture and instead impose a PPV fee on certain matches.

At a time when fans are already being forced to pay multiple subscription packages and potentially still having to pay for season tickets, the idea to then charge even more money was rightly met with waves of criticism.

That level of outrage and anger among fans and pundits alike has perhaps done the trick, with the Mirror reporting that both Sky Sports and BT Sport are keen to scrap the service in order to protect their reputations after the immense backlash.

The report also suggests that there is little money being made anyway after a number of supporters refused to pay the £14.95 fee, with Liverpool fans boycotting the Sheffield Utd game last night, and instead raised over £81,000 for charity rather than pay for the service. Newcastle United fans did similar last weekend and raised £19,000 by boycotting their PPV game against Manchester United.

Such actions will perhaps not have come as much of a surprise to those at Sky and BT, with the report revealing that those at Sky “never thought it was a good idea” to show pay-per-view games.

“Sky is not happy to be involved in showing the pay-per-view game,” a ‘source’ at Sky told the newspaper. “We never thought it was a good idea and nothing’s changed since it started.

“It is damaging the reputation of Sky Sports to be linked to this scheme – and that feeling is shared at BT. Everyone here would prefer for it to stop.”

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