Rose reveals England squad ‘all agree’ with Sterling’s criticism of racist media coverage

Danny Rose says the England squad ‘all agree’ with Raheem Sterling’s comments regarding racist media coverage of black players.

Manchester City forward Sterling has endured a difficult relationship with the country’s media, and has been openly critical of what he believes to be racist rhetorics.

The 24-year old used his social media accounts to openly criticise the press, saying they help ‘fuel racism’ by the way they portray young black footballers.

“Raheem was only saying what we all say in the dressing room,” Rose told the BBC.

“It’s sad really but he’s 100% spot on with what he said,”

“The stick he used to get from the media was bang out of order. When he put the [Instagram] post up about the media we were all over the moon with that because we all agree. Fair play to Raheem.”

“One of the few positive things about social media now is you have a voice and you can influence people.

“Now it’s not just boys in the dressing room talking about the media targeting Raheem, the general public have now seen it. We hope it changes but it doesn’t affect Raheem in any way, which we are all grateful for.”

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