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Rooney lays the blame on Manchester United players for current woes

Wayne Rooney has said that Manchester United’s problems aren’t all down to Jose Mourinho and has insisted that the current crop of players have to step up.

Manchester United seem to be a club that is engulfed in crisis at the moment after they got off to the worst start to a league campaign having picked up just 10 points from their opening seven Premier League games.

They then found themselves 2-0 down after just 10 minutes on Saturday against a winless Newcastle side, as Jose Mourinho’s tenure looked all but certain to be over. However, three goals in the last 20 minutes, and perhaps a lack of available alternatives, have seen the former Chelsea boss continue his Old Trafford employment for the time being.

However, former United captain Wayne Rooney, who played under Mourinho in 2016/17 before returning to Everton has said that the Red Devils current players need to step up.

“The manager can do so much but then it is down to the players on the pitch to produce and probably collectively,” Rooney said in an interview with the Telegraph.

“It [the form] is a bit of everything coming together but Jose is an easy target. Some of the players have to be better.

“I said the same thing when Louis van Gaal was there.

“He took a lot of stick but behind closed doors I said to the players, ‘we have to be doing better’.

“Personally I think he set us up brilliantly but we didn’t produce on the pitch so I am sure that is getting said behind the scenes.”

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