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Ronaldo to leave Real Madrid?

Ronaldo is rumoured to leave Real Madrid, water is indeed wet. Here’s why the rumour has resurfaced.

After Ronaldo voiced his displeasure over his five match ban, many fans think he will leave Real Madrid. Although there is not much fuelling the fire, a source ‘close to the player’ has stated some things which some might consider to be worthy of speculation.

The player is serving a ban for ‘shoving’ the referee in the Super Cup’s first leg, and called the decision ‘incomprehensible’ after Real’s appeal was rejected.

The source said the following to the Manchester Evening News:

“He is angry about the five-game ban, but he is working just as hard with the team. However, we cannot guarantee whether he will stay or leave.”

“We’ll see what happens in between now and August 31.”

Ronaldo was rumoured to join Manchester United when reports saying he didn’t want to play in Spain surfaced after his tax evasion case.

United is still the most probable target for Ronaldo if he leaves.

So what do you think about the Ronaldo rumours? Is it plain silly, or do you think there might be some substance to them? Let us know.

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