Report: Arsenal Fan TV forced to rebrand

Controversial YouTube channel Arsenal Fan TV has been forced to completely rebrand after discussions with Arsenal Football Club.

Former Radio presenter Robbie Lyle formed the channel six years ago and it now has over 820,000 subscribers.

However, according to Sky Sports, Lyle has now been forced into a complete rebrand with Arsenal demanding that he remove all mention of their name and branding.

Despite racking up huge viewing figures due it’s cast of characters going on expletive-ridden rants about the Gunners recent failures under Arsene Wenger, most knowledgeable football fans see the channel as a bit of a joke, and it is even hugely unpopular with large sections of Gunners fans.

We are massive advocates of the rise of fan-generated content here at The Football Faithful, with a huge amount of fan analysis proving to be just as well informed or if not better than the punditry normally provided by well-paid ex-pros.

However, the channel formerly known as Arsenal Fan TV is for the most part just a bunch of fanboys, with a vested interest in their club actually failing, going on ridiculous, albeit at times hilarious rants.

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