QUIZ: Can you name the UK’s biggest football stadiums?

We all love that feeling of travelling to small, intimate football grounds, where the pitches are bobbly and the atmospheres are hostile. But there’s something equally as nice as visiting the very biggest stadiums.

While Spurs have recently moved into their impressive new North London home, Everton have become the latest Premier League club to unveil plans for their new stadium, which is set to be located in Liverpool’s derelict docklands.

Even then though, the Toffees’ proposed new 52,000 seater home would only become the 11th biggest stadium in the UK.

So that left us wondering, can The Football Faithful‘s knowledgable readers name the 20 biggest stadium’s that the UK has to offer?

Have a go at our latest quiz, and once you have done, share it among your mates to see how they get on too.

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