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Premier League wary of misuse as concussion subs set to be given green light this week

Premier League authorities are already wary over the potential misuse of concussion substitutes with the ruling set to be given the green light this week.

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) have already approved the use of additional substitutes in the event of head injuries and suspected concussions, with the Premier League set to approve a trial in the coming days potentially coming into place as soon as next week.

The Premier League is understood to be ready to permit the use of two permanent concussion substitutes per game, with opposition sides also offered the chance to make a change at the same time in an attempt to maintain fairness.

However, according to the Times, referees have been told to report any managers they suspect of abusing the new rulings following recent controversies within rugby union, with France having been accused of sending on replacements in situations where no head injury had occurred.

Referees will now be on alert over any potential misuse of the new laws, amid fears could look to exploit the ruling to make additional changes, with a number of top-end clubs having pushed for five subs to be permitted this season amid the condensed fixture schedule.

The introduction of concussion substitutes comes amid growing fears over player welfare as a result of head injuries, with Wolves striker Raul Jimenez having suffered a horrific skull fracture back in November during a clash with Arsenal’s David Luiz.

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