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The Premier League teams with the most England players as surprise club tops list

The Premier League was once cited as the biggest factor in England’s lack of success over the past few decades. 

Before Euro 2020, the Three Lions had reached the final of one major tournament in their entire history. The Golden Generation failed to deliver, and there was a clear deficiency of talent in the teams that immediately followed them.

The English top flight was barely English anymore; an increasing number of expensive foreign imports were pushing young prospects down the food chain, with some suggesting the national team would one day be picked from Championship players.


The FA overhauled their youth structure and the Elite Player Performance Plan (EP3) was implemented. EP3 was controversial, as the brightest young talents were inevitably siphoned away from lower league clubs to the top for a snip, but England has benefitted.

There is now a plethora of top quality footballers eligible to play for the national side, so many in fact that there aren’t enough spots for them in Gareth Southgate’s already bloated Euro 2024 squad.

The England boss has named a provisional 33-man group that will vye for a seat on the plane to Germany this summer. The spread of players is impressive, with 14 different Premier League clubs contributing at least one man.

Manchester City and Liverpool are unsurprisingly at the top with four players, but they are also joined by Crystal Palace. Perhaps that shouldn’t come as a shock; the Eagles have been a hotbed of producing gifted athletes in recent years after all. But the fact they are ahead of the likes of Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea is eye-opening.

Only two foreign clubs are represented – Real Madrid by Jude Bellingham and Bayern Munich by Harry Kane – showing the Premier League is still the place to be for England’s best and brightest.

The Premier League teams with the most players in England squad:

  • Crystal Palace: 4
  • Liverpool: 4
  • Manchester City: 4
  • Arsenal: 3
  • Manchester United: 3
  • Aston Villa: 2
  • Chelsea: 2
  • Everton: 2
  • Newcastle: 2
  • Brentford: 1
  • Brighton: 1
  • Burnley: 1
  • Tottenham: 1
  • West Ham: 1

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