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Predictions: Who Will Win The 2018/19 Premier League?

Since the Premier League began on 10thAugust 2018, there have been many predictions made about which team might be taking home the trophy this year.

There are a lot of great teams in the running and they have some of the best players in the world. In order to help you make a decision on who you should place your bets on, we have put together a guide of who we think has a chance to win this year’s competition.


The first team on our list is Liverpool who always come out in the top half of the league. Although they only managed to get fourth place last year, they had a very successful season in which they scored a lot of goals. The main players behind last year’s success were Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino who all played their part. This year, the Liverpool squad has seen some new arrivals in the form of Fabinho, Naby Keita, Alisson Becker and Xherdan Shaqiri. The squad hope to do better this year and try to lift the trophy for the first time since 1990.

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Last year was not a good one for Chelsea but there is hope that they will redeem themselves to their previous glory in the current season. This season, they have Maurizio Sarri  to lead them through the competition and he has brought Jorginho from Napoli with him to help out. Chelsea have the potential to win as they did lift the trophy in the 2016/2017 season, so they are one to look out for this season.

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Manchester City

One of the most obvious bets for sports betting fans would be Manchester City to take home the title this year. Sports betting sites like Stakershave rate this team as one of the favourites due to their immense success last season. Pep Guardiola knows what he is doing, and they are sure to live up to expectations for another year.

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Tottenham Hotspur

Although in previous years Tottenham Hotspur wouldn’t have normally made it onto this list, they have been rising in the ranks throughout the years and in 2017 they finished second. If you are looking for a team that has a lot of potential then this is the one with some amazing players on board like Dele Alli, Harry Kane, Christian Eriksen and Jan Vertonghen. They might have not won the league in 57 years, but they might just be in with a chance this season.

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Manchester United

After Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement in 2013, Jose Mourinho is the latest manager to try and make his mark on Manchester United. This team managed to finish second in their last campaign, so they are definitely serious contenders. Although they have not been doing as well as Manchester United of old, they have recently added some new players to their squad in the form of Fred and Diogo Dalot so they have a good chance this year.

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Our final main contender in this year’s Premier League season is Arsenal who had a pretty bad last season. Despite this, we think that the new leadership in the form of Unai Emery has the potential to bring this team back to their former glory and put the days of Arsene Wenger in the past. Arsenal have not won the title since 2004 so this could be the year that they come back fighting and take home the trophy.

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There will always be main contenders in the Premier League, the teams that have done well in previous years. Of course, there are a lot of teams that get to play in this competition so there is always the potential that one of the lower level teams could step up and beat some of the best. Below, you’ll find  our outsider prediction for this current season.


It was expected that Everton would do well last season due to their big spending on some expensive players. However, they did not quite have the best season and their manager Ronald Koeman was replaced by Sam Allardyce. This was not quite enough for the team as they still finished in eighth position. This season, the team are back with former Watford boss Marco Silva and they hope to lift the trophy for the first time since 1987. Although chances are slim, Silva could do a really good job and impress with this squad.

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Final Verdict

There are a lot of teams that are in the running for this year’s Premier League title. The main contenders are up there because of their past and the players that they have on their squad. It is, however, important that you don’t forget about the other teams that have shown improvement in the past few years as they could soon be taking the top spot off some of these teams. In the Premier League, anything could happen if a team has a bad day or a manager makes the wrong decision. A lot of money has been spent in the recent transfer season, so clubs are hoping that their investments have been worth it. Make sure that you watch the current season carefully if you want to place a bet and enjoy some great football while you’re at it.

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