Daniel Levy and Mauricio Pochettino

Pochettino strongly defends Spurs chairman Levy

Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino has launched a staunch defence of the club’s chairman Daniel Levy after the latest round of delays to the opening of the clubs new stadium.

Further delays to the rebuilding of White Hart Lane has seen Spurs continue to play home fixtures at Wembley Stadium, with full-back Danny Rose last week admitting the players are desperate for the move into their new ground.

The recent Premier League win over Southampton at the national stadium attracted a crowd of just 33,012 fans, but Pochettinho has defended chairman Levy as he deals with the fans’ frustrations.

“The chairman is suffering a lot,” Pochettino said ahead of this weekends game against Burnley.

“He is so tired about work. The last few months he didn’t sleep because he is trying to deliver the stadium.

“He is trying to make everyone happy but it’s a massive project. I think people don’t realise the magnitude of the project and how difficult it is to manage everything.

“Everyone is disappointed because we are still not playing there but the day we move everyone is going to realise how massive the project was and how good the facilities are.

“It doesn’t just depend on him. When you build something, you depend on many companies. I think it’s more than 20 that are working there. It’s so, so difficult.

“That is why I think he needs to feel the love from the fans and the club. He is working so hard, too hard, to leave a legacy forever. And I think that’s fantastic.

“When you compare the new stadium to other stadiums, we are going to be so lucky to play there.

“He is not an easy man. But he is so passionate to create some things for the fans and the staff and the players.

“He is always thinking to do things for other people. And of course, for the fans. That is a fantastic thing but the people sometimes struggle to understand.

“The team wins and the praise is for the players, the coaching staff or the manager. When lose, the first is him that the people blame – sometimes deserved! Sometimes, no.

“I think he deserves a fantastic recognition because what he’s doing, him and the board, is a fantastic thing for the club and it’s going to be there forever.”

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