Pochettino says he won’t stay at Spurs unless they ‘operate in a different way’

Mauricio Pochettino has said that he is not prepared to stay at Spurs unless they have a ‘clear idea’ of where they are heading.

While the likes of Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea have all spent time playing Europa League football over the last five years, Tottenham Hotspur have been regulars in the Champions League since Mauricio Pochettino took over back in 2014.

Spurs‘ progress under the Argentine has seen him linked with moves to Real Madrid and Manchester United in recent years, and having reached the Champions League final earlier this week those dramatic circumstances, Pochettino suggested that European glory in Madrid next month could see him leave the club.

Speaking ahead of this weekend’s final Premier League game, Pochettino was further quizzed about his future, and he was clear in his message, that the club ‘need to operate in a different way’

“I am open to everything,” Pochettino said in his pre-match press conference.

“What I am not open to is starting a new chapter with no plan, with no clear idea, with not being transparent and being able to tell our fans what is our objective, to stop talking about perception, talk about reality – because if not, it is going to be difficult.

“We know very well that we need to operate in a different way and that doesn’t mean to spend more or less money. It’s to be transparent and say: ‘This is what we want for the next year, or the next five or 10 years.’

“It would be very naive to think we can continue to operate as we have done and that it will get us to the Champions League final and the top four every season when we’re competing against projects like Liverpool or the Manchester clubs.

“If you want to expect the same from us as from Liverpool, the Manchester clubs and Chelsea, give me different tools to work with.

“If not and I see people working in the same way in the future, and I’m going to be this guy, I am the most stupid person to work. We need to create a realistic plan to develop in the next year, five years, and to match people’s expectations because, if not, our destiny is to crash.”

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