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Pochettino insists he will not ‘trash’ Mourinho and Manchester United

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho does not seem to have many allies left in English football, but at least Spurs boss Mauricio Pochettino refused to take the bait from reporters on Friday and join in with their favourite hobby these days, which is, of course, bashing the former Chelsea and Real Madrid coach at every opportunity.

Pochettino and his Spurs side will travel to Old Trafford to face Mourinho’s Manchester United in the Premier League this coming Monday.

However, when given the chance to further stick the knife into the under-fire Mourinho, Pochettino was quick to point out that he has a huge amount of respect for the Portuguese coach.

“I am not here to talk about my opponents,” said Pochettino on Friday.

“Only I need to consider some aspects because we are going to play with them but I am not going here to trash what they are doing or what happened around them.

“I have a very good relationship with Mou from when I was manager in Espanyol and of course I have full respect to him and full respect to Manchester United and we are going to be there Monday and trying to win the game.

“When you are manager you are (in the spotlight), the people are trashing you, talking about your decisions. Of course when you win all the people know that you are good but when you lose all people know that the manager was wrong.”

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