Pickford: I know Pogba’s penalty trick

Everton keeper Jordan Pickford revealed after his side’s 2-1 defeat to Manchester United at Old Trafford that he was savvy to Paul Pogba’s penalty technique.

United won a penalty in the first half, which Pogba was tasked with scoring. The World Cup winner did his trademark stutter-run to the ball on the spot, but Pickford had done his homework.

“I know his little trick which is why I saved it. I was unfortunate. You have to go a tad early because he has so much power but unfortunately it just bounced back out.’’ Pickford told Sky Sports.

“I went off my line when he was on his final step really. I didn’t get enough parry on it to get it away.”

Pickford was positive in his assessment of Everton’s performance at Old Trafford, stating also that he felt United penalty decision was dubious.

“They created chances, we created chances and they got that penalty which was a bit soft.

“We came to Old Trafford and knew what kind of atmosphere we’d get. We came back well and created enough chances.

“We dug in as a group and we nearly got something at the end there. I came up for the corner but it wasn’t to be.”

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