Arsenal legend Petit says Pogba needs ‘love’ to perform

Former Arsenal midfielder Emmanuel Petit has given his opinion on Manchester United’s Paul Pogba and how to get the best out of the France international’s innate talent. 

Petit reckons countryman Pogba needs “love” in order to play to his best abilities, as well as confidence and responsibility.

The Frenchman referenced Manchester United’s former manager, Jose Mourinho, and his man-management skills as the root cause for the poor performances from Pogba and the squad.

“We all know that Mourinho is a great manager but with his management, most of the time he is facing his own limits. After two years trouble comes because of the way he talks to the players,” Petit told the Press Association.

“It could work occasionally but not every time and I think, mentally, it was a war between the player and the manager.

“You cannot sack the players, you can only sack the manager – it is a war the manager cannot win so whoever you are, whatever happens, you must keep that in your mind.

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“You can be the most prolific and talented manager in the world, be Mourinho, (Pep) Guardiola and (Jurgen) Klopp but they know if the dressing room isn’t there any more you are lost.”

Petit also claimed that Pogba, contrary to popular belief, thrives on being given more responsibility on the pitch.

“He (Pogba) is one of the leaders, he is a world champion. He always tells anyone that he wants to be the key of the team, he loves being under pressure and living under responsibilities.

“In the meantime he wants to get attention and love from everyone, he is the kind of player who will not perform on the pitch if he doesn’t get love from his team-mates, the manager, the fans and even the press.

“But when he gets that attention, love and affection then all of a sudden he is not the same player.

“When he is surrounded by confidence and you give him responsibility on the pitch then he enjoys it and then he is the player he should be all the time.”

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