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Neville reveals who he wants to win Premier League title

The Sky Sports pundit agonises over which one of Manchester United’s fiercest rivals he would prefer to see winning the title race. 

Every football fan is enthralled by this season’s Premier League title race, the first time two teams have been gunning for the trophy so closely since 2013/14, when it was also Manchester City and Liverpool battling it out for supremacy.

Everyone that is, except for Manchester United fans, who have to look on knowing full well either one of their closest rivals is going to win the title while they satisfy themselves with the race for Champions League qualification.

Club legend Gary Neville had the perfect analogy for this scenario five years ago, and the former full-back says it hasn’t gotten any easier now that the two sides have resumed their struggle for top spot.

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“I said a few years ago when they were both going for the title that it is like having a choice of two blokes you want to nick your wife! It’s not changed, it’s getting worse!’’ Neville said on Chris Evans’ Virgin Radio Show.

When it comes to picking a side however, the ex-United player agonises over who he wants to see lifting the trophy come May.

“Do you know something? I have had for the first time in a few weeks that some United fans want Liverpool to win the title because they don’t want to see City win back-to-back titles and start a period of domination.

“I can’t bring myself to say Liverpool, I just can’t. It’s going to have to be City.”

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