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Neville: Manchester United players obviously not trying under Mourinho

Gary Neville reveals he still has doubts about the current Red Devils squad, who have won six league games in a row. 

Manchester United have been reborn under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who has been able to get the team performing again after they struggled so badly under José Mourinho up until December.

Club legend Neville praised the Norwegian manager for the job he’s done thus far, calling it “unbelievable”:

“I think when he [Solskjaer] came in, the club couldn’t have been any lower in terms of expectation, there was a bad feeling around the club,” Neville said on Chris Evans Virgin Radio Show.

“He’s done an incredible job, he’s put himself in the frame and he keeps on winning. I think it’s the best start for any Manchester United manager in the history of the club. It’s unbelievable really.”

The ex-full-back did cast some doubts about the squad however, claiming he doesn’t believe the players were putting in the effort under their former manager.

“The Manchester United players at the end were obviously not trying for Mourinho as they just switched the tap on and off. The difference is incredible but I must admit I have my doubts about those group of players.

“It’s that they can just switch on and off like a tap, it doesn’t fill me with confidence that they can take Manchester United back to the title but what they are doing at least is performing to their capabilities.”

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