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Neville: Manchester United must play fast, attacking entertaining football

Gary Neville reveals his thoughts on what Man United should look for in their next manager, how the team should play, and how the club compares favourably with Real Madrid.

The former Red Devils full-back believes that it’s now more important to bring in a manager that will focus on youth and have a certain style of play at Old Trafford.

“I’m not saying that Manchester United have to bring in a manger next that’s going to win the league in the next couple of years, but they have to bring a manager in that’s going to bring belief to young players from the academy that they are going to be brought through,” Neville told Sky Sports.

“They must play fast, attacking and entertaining football and if the club can win as a result of that, then that’s wonderful. And of course, yes, the club expect to win, but it isn’t a club that’s like Real Madrid in the sense that at the Bernabeu it’s win at all cost.”

Neville expanded upon how United are different to the Spanish club and why managers get an easier time in Manchester.

“We’ve seen that with Manchester United these past seven years and the fans supported Jose Mourinho to the very end. They supported Louis van Gaal to the very end. Even when the successes have not been coming and the football hasn’t been great, they’ve never turned on the managers. Whereas at clubs like Real Madrid, they would turn on the manager a lot quicker if they didn’t get success.

“Manchester United is a bit softer than those clubs. They are a little bit more forgiving.”

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