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Neville hammers ‘naive’ Manchester United board following 3-1 loss to Liverpool

Former Man United defender Gary Neville criticised the club’s board over naively handing José Mourinho a new contract earlier this year, in his post-match analysis of Liverpool’s 3-1 win on Sunday. 

The era of Mourinho at Old Trafford plummeted to new depths at the weekend as Manchester United were utterly dominated by a Liverpool side itching to return to the summit of the Premier League.

United manager Jose Mourinho and £89m midfielder Paul Pogba – who didn’t even play on Sunday afternoon – have borne the brunt of the criticism, but club legend Gary Neville described the clubs board as ‘naive’ in yet another thinly veiled attack on executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward.


“Will Mourinho leave? I think it will happen, my preference would always be to get to the end of the season. But the board room is so naive it’s unbelievable,” Neville told Sky Sports.

“To give him an extended contract, knowing his cycle of every three years, was incredible. The minute he came back from pre-season he was at it and the club was out of control.

“Nobody above him can handle him. They don’t know what to do with him, they don’t know what to say to him. They don’t know what he’s going to sat at every press conference. It will cost a fortune to lose him now.

“Fans don’t want to go to the games. And that’s not just now. It was the same under David Moyes – that was the manager’s fault. The same under Van Gaal – that was the manager’s fault. Mourinho – that was the manager’s fault.

“Are they going to get the manager they want? It’s not as easy as that. They need to reset.”


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