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Neville: Chelsea must stick by Sarri if they want to implement a change in their style of play

Gary Neville believes Chelsea have to stay strong and resist the urge to sack Maurizio Sarri before the end of the season. 

The Blues suffered their worst defeat of the Premier League era on Sunday, losing 6-0 to a rampant Manchester City side intent on retaining their title.

Having lost three away games on the trot, the Chelsea boss is now under severe pressure of losing his job before the season is out, with Champions League qualification slipping out of their grasp.

Although the performances have steadily gotten worse as the campaign has progressed, Neville believes the club should stick with Sarri in the long-term if they want to affect a new style of play at Stamford Bridge.

“If the ownership of the club really do want a higher quality of football then they’re going to have to live through the change,” the former Manchester United defender told Sky Sports.

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“Now’s not the time to go weak on that. Now what we’ll see in the next 24 to48 hours whether Chelsea have the belief that they do want to follow through with it.

“In the past I agree, they’ve changed [Andre] Villas-Boas, they’ve changed [Luiz Felipe] Scolari. Are they going to stick with Sarri?

“If they really want this type of football in the long term they’re going to have to maintain a position of the club and live through the pain and change.”

“It’s never been what they’ve done before but it’s how intent are they on seeing that style change,”

“If they’re intent on that style of football changing, they’re going to have to maintain a manager and not go back to something that’s happened before.

“You talk about Roman Abramovich being motivated by Pep Guardiola’s style of play, which is 75 to 80 per cent possession. Chelsea have never been like that.”

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