Napoli star hails ‘obsessive’ Chelsea boss Sarri

Napoli midfielder Marek Hamsik has credited working with Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri as the biggest influence on his career.

Sarri turned Napoli into one of the most attractive teams to watch in European football during his time in Southern Italy and Hamsik has revealed that it is the 59-year-old’s obsessive attention to detail that makes him such a top coach.

“Sarri is a man who belongs on the field, he lived the game 24-7,” Hamsik told Corriere dello Sport.

“He was a sick man.

“He was obsessed with football and never even let the slightest detail get by him.

“What has improved me the most, has made me evolve technically and tactically, is Mr. Sarri.”

Sarri was replaced as Napoli boss by former Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti, who Hamsik was also full of praise for.

“We are all happy with Ancelotti, as in a few short weeks he showed us that he is a wonderful, open person.” He added.

“He gives us a lot of advice, is good fun and it’s no coincidence he has won everywhere he went in his career.

“Everyone is a little sceptical after the summer friendlies, but we saw in the win against Lazio how much grit we bring to the table in competitive games.

“Napoli are still a good side that wants to play football and entertain the fans. We haven’t won much, so far, but we really want to.”

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