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Mourinho gives Group by Group World Cup predictions

Most of us probably thought that with the Premier League ending and the World Cup about to dominate the thoughts of football fans all over the globe, that we may have heard the last of Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho for a few weeks at least.

Think again, the Portuguese coach has taken up a lucrative punditry role with state owned Russian TV channel RT.

Mourinho has been talking to his Russian TV comrades and has given a Group by Group prediction of who he thinks will qualify for the second round of football most prestigious tournament this summer.

United’s manager will have seen plenty of the leading nations players up close this season, with the Premier League having a huge representation of players amongst the leading nations.

Here are Mourinho’s predictions:

“I’m not ready because it’s very difficult. I don’t want to be emotional, but I have to be,” said the Man Utd boss.

“I will contradict myself because I want my players to win but I also want my players to go on holiday, so this is going to be tough.”

Group A:  “I would say that Uruguay is going to win the group. They have experience, top players, right mentality. And I think Russia has to finish second. The crucial match will be Russia against Egypt.

“Spain to win Group B, and I will show later that I am totally Portuguese, but they are going to finish second in the group.

Group C, I think France will finish first. There is a big fight to finish second. I will go for a surprise: come on Australia, let’s finish second.”

Group D:  Mourinho reckons a Lionel Messi inspired Argentina will finish first, with Nigeria and the snazzy new kit to finish in the runners up spot.

“Group E, Brazil wins. And I need Matic to go on holiday, so Switzerland to finish second. I’m sorry Nemanja, but you’re on holiday.

“In Group F, Germany has to win. I think Mexico finish second.

Group G, come on England. And I think Belgium can finish second.

“Finally, Group H is quite balanced. Senegal to win the group. Poland to finish second.”

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