Mourinho discusses Carrick’s new role

With Michael Carrick set to retire this summer and join Jose Mourinho’s coaching staff, the Manchester United boss has been discussing the midfielders new role.

Despite not being named in Manchester United’s match day squad, Carrick was spotted sitting alongside the Portuguese manager on the bench during the 2-0 win over Swansea.

Speaking after the game Mourinho admitted that he is already starting to integrate the former England midfielder into his coaching team to give him a taste of new experiences.

“It’s only for next season really but, this season, he is already coming and sharing a little bit of our space,” said Mourinho.

“We are opening the door for him to not have a difficult transition next season. So, this season, he’s doing little things.

“He is learning, not the football of course, but the other side of the life and I think it’s a good experience for him until the end of the season. Maybe, in three or four matches, it’s another experience for him to share the bench from a different perspective.”

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