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Meet the ‘plug’ footballers are turning to for rare boots

The football boot market is big business but not everyone – or every footballer – sources their desired designs from conventional sources.

More and more footballers are turning to alternative methods to source classic and rare boots, with ‘Boots Plug‘ at the centre of the trend for unique and nostalgic boots.

The young British entrepreneur, self-styled as ‘the world’s biggest football boot nerd’, has carved out a niche in the football fashion world, supplying rare and classic boots to top players.

His journey began as an 11-year-old school kid, where he saved lunch money for months to purchase his first pair of Nike boots. From there, this passion has evolved into a thriving business.

Meet ‘Boots Plug’, the man more and more footballers are turning to for rare and classic boot designs:

A unique offer

Boots Plug offers a variety of rare and classic boots, along with custom designs. He has sold over 10,000 pairs and has worked with around 1,000 professional footballers, including stars such as Napoli’s Victor Osimhen, and England internationals Reece James, and Ivan Toney.

His reach has even expanded past professional footballers, with YouTuber Chunkz among the latest to have purchased a custom design.


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The appeal of comfort and nostalgia

One reason players are turning to Boots Plug is the comfort and familiarity his boots provide. Sponsorship deals often require players to wear new colours and designs each month, causing discomfort as they constantly break in new boots.

Additionally, these deals also mandate wearing the brand off the pitch, limiting and restricting personal style. “Players want the freedom to wear what they want off the pitch and boots that are comfortable and familiar,” he explained to The Football Faithful.

Challenges and successes

Sourcing these rare boots can be difficult, with some pairs taking months to find. However, Boots Plug’s dedication and love for football drive him. His most expensive sale was a pair for a whopping £3,000, with the average boot selling for around £200.

Future prospects

As his reputation continues to grow within the game, Boots Plug is expanding the team around him to meet the increasing demand. His business continues to thrive, combining his passion for football with a keen business sense, which have made his rare and classic boots a staple among football’s elite.

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