Anthony Martial and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Martial: It’s easier to play for Solskjaer than Mourinho

Anthony Martial prefers playing for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer more than he did for José Mourinho at Manchester United.

Quelle surprise, you might say, but it’s the first time a Manchester United player has come out and just said like it is, instead of just speaking euphemistically: this team actually likes their manager now.

While the French forward was speaking for himself and not the squad as a whole, we can probably apply his sentiment to his teammates, who have experienced a complete turnaround since the arrival of caretaker manager Solskjaer.

United have won nine out of ten Premier League games, but face the Norwegian coaches biggest challenge yet, when they play PSG in the Champions League at Old Trafford tonight.

Speaking ahead of Tuesday’s game, Martial expanded on why he has enjoyed playing under the new boss in recent months.

“This manager is asking me to attack more,” he said during the pre-match press conference.

“We have got a coach who has different intentions and we are trying to do what we asks.

“Perhaps it is easier to play this style of football and not the style of football he [Mourinho] asked.”

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