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There’ll be no school meals over the break, but Marcus Rashford is winning hearts and minds

Marcus Rashford has been on a mission to end child hunger in the United Kingdom and he has come up against some significant barriers – but now he has an army behind him. 

You might recall back in June, virtually an eternity ago in this Covid-19 world, that the Manchester United striker shamed the UK Government into doing a complete U-turn on their plans to stop the free meals school voucher over the summer holidays.

The 22-year-old was even awarded an MBE following his incredible work, which also included setting up FoodShare, a charity that has fed millions of children this year. But he hasn’t been sated by his successes to date, and promised Boris Johnson’s government that he wasn’t going away on this issue.

And so he was a man of his word, speaking passionately this week about the need to extend the free meals scheme into the upcoming school holidays. 

Unfortunately, the Labour party’s motion to extend the scheme was voted down in parliament. Some Conservative MPs responded to Rashford’s pleas – but seemingly missed the point. 

Embarrassingly for Steve Baker MP, he didn’t have replies turned on for his response to Rashford’s tweets.  

Ben Bradley was another who simply did not treat the issue with the necessary compassion and empathy. 

Rashford was able to argue against the MP’s point on not just an economic level, but on a humane one too. 

For Rashford, it’s not even a matter of party politics or winning political battles – he literally just wants starving children to be fed – but the Conservatives seem hellbent on turning it into a game of political football, if you’ll allow the tired sports analogy.

The Wythenshawe man doesn’t just talk about this issue either. He puts it into action too, doing active charitable work to help those in need. 

Although the government are not behind him, Rashford has won widespread support for his appeal. Not just from the public, but also companies big and small, from Wigan and Warrington to Liverpool and Anglesey, as well as local councils.

It’s unsurprising then that Rashford has been clearly the most popular figure on Twitter this past week. 

Football clubs from around the world showed their support for him and his cause on social media, too.

And there’s a simple way to add your voice to the fight to end child hunger. 

Now there’s just the small matter of a Premier League match to contend with this weekend.

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