Manchester United legend tells Mourinho to ‘smile’ more

Former Manchester United attacker Brian McClair has told Jose Mourinho he needs to smile more, and basically be, eh, a bit more like Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp.

McClair won four Premier League titles during his playing days at Old Trafford, before heading up the Red Devils famous Youth Academy.

United’s Portuguese coach has been in a sullen humour throughout his clubs pre-season preparations and McClair has suggested that his downbeat demeanour is starting to rile fans of the 20 time league Champions.

“There has to be a balance,” McClair told BBC World Service Sport.

“You should, at some point, look as though you are enjoying it.”

“It is fine to be critical, upset and happy – Sir Alex had those moments too, but there were several times where he looked very happy.

“Jose maybe enjoys himself internally but from a football point of view, the Manchester United fans would very much welcome to see him smiling and laughing at appropriate times.

“From an opposite view, your great rivals have been Liverpool and they have a coach (Jurgen Klopp) who does laugh and smile and look pleased to be there. That must grate as well at times if you are a United fan.”

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