Ederson and his impecable passing ability

Every so often a footballer comes along who changes the perceptions of how we see the game, and for modern goalkeepers, there are few who have done so quite like Ederson.

Manuel Neuer was perhaps the first modern shot-stopper to revolutionise the position with his sweeper-keeper style, though Ederson has added a new string to that bow with his ability in possession.

The Manchester City goalkeepers kicking ability not only allows him to be trusted as an extra option defensively, but it could be argued there are few players in the Premier League – in any position -who possess his passing range.

Ederson’s brilliant long-range passing has been a trademark of City’s success in recent seasons, as Pep Guardiola’s side have won three of the past four Premier League titles.

The Brazilian is fine shot-stopper and has won the Premier League’s Golden Glove in each of the last two seasons, though it is his kicking that truly marks him out as a unique talent.

Comfortable passing through lines or launching attacks with booming pinpoint balls forward, here are some of Ederson’s best passes at Manchester City.


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