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Man United legend Ferdinand reveals why he admires Man City so much

Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand has spoken of his admiration for the type of football that Premier League leaders Manchester City have produced this season.

The former England centre-back won six EPL titles under Sir Alex Ferguson at Old Trafford. However, Ferdinand admitted that even the great United teams he played in, could not compete with the type of high intensity, front foot football Guardiola’s men are capable of.

“They must be a nightmare (to face),”

We’ve done some analysis here, we’ve looked quite in depth at the way they play.

“What I love about this team is as soon as they lose the ball, everyone is on the front foot. Fernandinho here is the catalyst, straight away.

“I played in teams where if you lost the ball, you retreated a little bit and you went back to get your shape and then you started to go and hunt the ball.

“But here, the first thought as soon as they lose possession when they’re on the front foot and defending is ‘we’ve got him boxed in here, this player will only face his own goal. He can go towards his own goal. If he ever turns he’s going to hoof it, lump it’.

“Look, they lose the ball here, what do you do?

“Straight away front foot, intensity, get up against people, don’t give no one any time, all over the park, they all do it.

“One goes, two go, three go and what you see it does it suffocates teams. They don’t know where to go.” He told BT Sport.

United and City will face off in the Manchester Derby next weekend, and if Guardiola’s side can secure all three points against their arch rivals they will be crowned Premier League Champions.

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