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Man City Chairman Mubarak ‘not worried’ about FFP and claims his club are targeted ‘because of ethnicity”

Manchester City chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak says he is ‘not worried’ about Financial Fair Play and says the club are targeted ‘because of ethnicity’.

City are currently under investigation over alleged breaking of rules regarding Financial Fair Play, with the club potentially set to be banned from the Champions League should they be found guilty.

Despite the investigation, City chairman Mubarak says he is not concerned by the issues and says the Premier League champions are confident they will not be found of any wrongdoing.

‘Am I uncomfortable?’ he told the Daily Mail.

‘No. I respect regulatory bodies doing their job and any regulatory process that asks questions. We have to professionally respond which is what we have done. We have clear answers. I believe, quite comfortably, if the process is going to be judged on facts then unquestionably we will prevail. If it’s not about facts and it’s about other things, then it is a different conversation.

‘But I strongly hope that these regulatory bodies will ultimately make the decision based on facts. The reality is we have dealt with this before, with UEFA, this is not the first time we have dealt with it. We are going through the appropriate steps and we’re confident in our position, very comfortable in our position. I’m not concerned about that because facts will prevail.’

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Mubarak also responded to claims by La Liga president Javier Tebas that ‘petrol-money and gas-money’ was ruining football, labelling the claims as hypocrisy.

‘I think there’s something deeply wrong in bringing ethnicity into the conversation,’ Mubarak hit back. ‘This is just ugly. I think the way he is combining teams because of ethnicity. I find that very disturbing to be honest.’

‘He talks about how we distorted the market?’ he said. ‘There is a hypocrisy in this statement that is ironic. Let’s look at the Spanish league, the time of breaking records on player acquisitions, I mean, who started that? Let’s go back to the world records, Figo, Zidane.

‘These huge jumps in these transfers, where did they happen? In the top ten transfers of all time, Manchester City has not a single player in that, not a single one… I think people with glass homes shouldn’t be throwing rocks.’

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