This is where we pay tribute to Football Legends. We aim to spread the pieces across various different era’s , concentrating on the impact each Legend had on a specific club. So fans of each club can relive some of the most famous moments on their clubs history. We hope you enjoy …

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Eric Cantona and how he made us feel

eric cantona

The master of his domain and the director of our nostalgic imagination. Eric Cantona stars, in his own life, as ‘The King’… Marlon Brando was a tricky customer. It was notoriously difficult to secure an interview with the superstar so it was a real coup when Dick Cavett managed it ...

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Andres Iniesta – Barcelona legend

If anyone doubts that football is an art, they should see Andres Iniesta weave his magic on the field. His feet are his magic wand and his mind is what casts the spell that bounds us all with its grasping beauty and makes the opponents crumble down like statues of ...

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