Leading journalist labels Mourinho’s Man United an embarrasment

Leading journalist Oliver Holt has stated that Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho should be embarrassed by the distance his side are behind runaway league leaders Manchester City.

United currently 16 points behind their local rivals and if Pep Guardiola’s side win the Manchester Derby next Saturday evening at the Etihad they will be crowned Premier League Champions with six games remaining.

Holt also slammed some of Mourinho’s comments about his club’s history and claimed that it is not only the huge points difference between the club that will have the Old Trafford faithful concerned, but also the difference in playing styles.

United have been picking up decent results for most of the season, but their performances have been stodgy and joyless at times. Whereas, Guardiola’s City have been breaking records left right and centre, all while playing some of the most impressive attacking footballing the English game has ever seen.

“They finished sixth last season and so they have made an improvement this season,” 

“But it depends how much you value the style they play, but they have made an improvement.”

“So to a degree, they are in transition, but it is a pretty expensive transition and some people would think United fans are entitled to expect a little bit more on their return in terms of the gap that there is between them and Man City.”

“It has been an improvement, but I still think it is an embarrassment for Jose Mourinho that he is so far behind Man City having spent so much money.”

“And I think the embarrassment of that has been the theme of the season for him and is behind some of the ridiculous and pathetic comments he has been coming out with about Man Utd’s heritage as though they some minor league club of some sort.”

“This idea that they are some sleepy, little backwater club is insulting to the fans. It suits Mourinho’s agenda, which is this is a tiny little club he has come into and he is going to transform it into a Goliath of the game.

“Guardiola and Mourinho have spent millions each, and Guardiola has created a thing of beauty, most people accept that. Most neutrals love watching Man City.

“Mourinho has created something functional. I am not saying Man Utd are a bad side, but compared to Man City, they look functional – functional being 16 points behind their rivals.” Holt told Sky Sports Sunday Supplement.

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