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Lampard reacts to Roy Keane comments in heated Carragher debate

Frank Lampard says being English does not give him any favourable treatment following Roy Keane’s comments on his position as Chelsea manager.

Keane was involved in a heated debate with fellow Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher at the weekend, the duo discussing Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s progress at Manchester United following the club’s 2-0 defeat at Liverpool on Sunday.

With Solskjaer regularly facing criticism and questions about his position, former United midfielder launched a strong defence of his ex-teammate, questioning why Lampard has been less of a target for the critics despite suffering an eighth league defeat of the season at Newcastle the previous day, one more than the Red Devils have suffered this season.

Lampard refused to become involved in a war of words with the Irishman, but did say that his nationality was not the reason for his appointment at Stamford Bridge last summer while insisting that it certainly didn’t protect him from criticism.

“I don’t think being English gives you any sort of a bye from criticism,” the Chelsea boss said at his pre-match press conference.

“In fact, I’ve heard quite a lot when I first got this job of writing me off precisely because I’m young and English and only had a year at Derby.

“Certain people were saying you shouldn’t give him the job – give it to people who have got experience of doing well in Italy or somewhere else or whatever.

“Fair play to Roy, that conversation with Roy was so quick that a lot was coming out. I love watching him talk about football because of how passionate he is and to the point. But I don’t think I’ve had any byes for being English and sometimes it feels slightly different.

“I went to Derby with a team in a difficult place and we made a fantastic effort to get promoted. So I don’t expect that to be a gauge of whether I should have got the Chelsea job or not. All I have to do is do the best possible job I can do here.

“A lot of people want to question inexperience and it’s my job to do as well as I can here, so I put those questions to bed.”

The Chelsea boss did agree with Keane’s comments that managers should be given time to develop their sides though, with both Solskjaer and Lampard having integrated several young talents so far this season.

“When it comes to Ole or myself, you do want time and you do want put all those things in place,” he added ahead of Tuesday’s game against Arsenal.

“Young players that take time to develop and get better, recruitment, which will be hugely important over the next two windows, and we hope we get things right and we move forward.

“For my point a view, all I want to do is work and work and work to try to get the best scenario for Chelsea.”

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