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Klopp: Liverpool have to apologise for the way they win

Jurgen Klopp today spoke of the pressures his Liverpool side can face, even after a victory, because of the attacking football the public grew used to seeing from them last season.

The standard top English teams are compared to now is that of Manchester City since Pep Guardiola’s team’s record-breaking Premier League points haul last season.

“We win a game then afterwards we have to say sorry that we did not win it in the City way so, whatever, I get that we have space for improvement but there’s no reason for a negative view on it.” Klopp told his Friday press conference.

“The season so far, points-wise, is really successful, but it doesn’t feel like that because of two reasons – the comparison with free-flowing football last season, and because City and Chelsea are playing really good this season.”

Klopp also pointed out that it is going to take something extra special for any other club to snatch the league title from Guardiola and co.

“People seem to be saying this season will only be a success if we become champions.’’ He continued.

“You have to remember our competitors are champions of last year and two years ago, and a refreshed Arsenal and Tottenham and Manchester United are still there – but we go for everything.”

Liverpool face Fulham on Sunday in a game where three points is a must if The Reds want to continue to live up their mantle of ‘title challengers’.

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