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Klopp has a dig at Mourinho for moaning, but praises Pochettino

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp has managed to have a subtle dig at Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho and at the same time praising his Spurs counterpart Mauricio Pochettino.

Manchester United boss Mourinho has spent much of the summer moaning about not being able to work with several of his star players due to their involvement at this summers World Cup in Russia.

However, Liverpool manager Klopp does not seem to think that players arriving back to their clubs late will have that much of an impact and he stated that if any manager had a right to complain it was Spurs boss Pochettino who had more players involved in the World Cup semi-final than any other Premier League coach.

“All teams had players at the World Cup,” Klopp said.

“If we would all moan, then we have to give what to Mauricio Pochettino, he had nine players, and he won both games at the start.

“A few of our’s came earlier. That’s OK. We don’t get a lot more in the future.

“We had good games and difficult games in the pre-season, we performed quite well to give us a sign of what it might be. The Premier League is quite different. I’m not excited, we have to expect these things from us. We have to expect it.

“Anything can happen, but we need to expect ourselves that we perform to at least the level we have performed so far.

“If that is the best we can do, then that will be poor. There are a lot of games to play in a lot of competitions.”

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