Klopp discusses why he thinks Premier League football should continue during second lockdown

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has expressed why he believes Premier League football should continue during the second national lockdown, that is set to begin on 5 November.

After weeks of rising COVID-19 cases, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that England would be forced to enter into the second national lockdown of the year, with the proposed 4-week lockdown set to end on 2 December.

The previous lockdown that began back in March saw the Premier League forced to come to a halt, with the remainder of the 2019/20 season played in June and July after a three-month hiatus.

With the current season now well underway any such break from action would no doubt have major consequences on what is an already congested footballing calendar, courtesy of the delayed start to the new season.

Luckily for clubs, players and fans such a scenario will likely be avoided as Johnson confirmed that elite sport would be able to continue, with the Premier League and EFL included under that ‘elite sport’ bracket.

At a time when households will be restricted from attending events, pubs and restaurants, the ability to continue to watch football is a solace for many, with Liverpool manager Klopp an advocate of football continuing as clubs have already proven their ability to reduce the spread of cases.

“In lockdown it’s important people are allowed to do things they like to do and football, is one of those things,” Klopp told a press conference after yesterday’s 2-1 in over West Ham at Anfield.

“It proves we can keep the bubbles we are in kind of safe. Everyone has had cases like we have but we were able to isolate them so they didn’t spread.

“Those didn’t happen in the training ground they happened when players were travelling for internationals and in normal life. We have proved we can do it.

”What the impending lockdown does mean, however, is that the likelihood of supporters attending fixtures in the near future appears slimmer and slimmer.”

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