Herrera defends Mourinho after summer frustrations

Ander Herrera has jumped to the defence of Jose Mourinho after a fortnight of winging and moaning from the Portuguese boss.

The Manchester United manager has cut a frustrated figure this summer, seemingly whinging about anything and everything, whether it be injuries, a lack of players or a lack of signings, he has not looked happy.

While Mourinho has said he is confident of landing at least one more player this summer, his public outbursts have led to fears that his famed ‘third season syndrome’ is kicking in once again.

However, United midfielder Ander Herrera has leapt to his managers defence, saying he can understand his frustrations:

“First of all, I have to respect what my manager said, because he knows what he’s talking about,” Herrera told the Telegraph.

“Secondly, I am a football player. My work is on the pitch, not in the office. The other things, they are too far from my hands. So, I think we have fantastic players, but, of course, always managers want to improve their teams, but it’s not my business. It’s something between the manager and the club.

“I haven’t watched the manager’s media stuff, I never do. I cannot talk about how he is with you guys, because I never see that.

“I can say that with us he is very positive, he wants us to fight for the titles, he wants us to perform to our best, he wants us to work as hard as possible.

“But probably he’s not frustrated about the club or the market, he’s probably frustrated because he’s not able to work with the players that he’s going to have for the season.”

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