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‘He Lies’: Greek police hit out at ‘Drunk British Guy’ Maguire over BBC interview

Harry Maguire has been branded a liar over his arrest in Greece, with Greek police hitting out at the defender’s claims and insisting the Manchester United captain was treated no differently to ‘other drunk British guys’.

The England international was last week convicted of a string of charges including aggravated assault and attempted bribery following an incident on the Greek holiday island of Mykonos, Maguire involved in a drunken brawl for which he was handed a suspended prison sentence of 21 months and 10 days.

Maguire’s legal team have since lodged an appeal against the verdict, nullifying the decision and meaning the defender has no criminal record ahead of a full retrial.

Maguire opened up on the incident during an interview with the BBC and has protested his innocence throughout, claiming the situation unfolded after his sister was the victim of a drug-involved assault and admitting he thought he was being kidnapped by the plain-clothed police who he says did not reveal their identities.

The Greek police have now rubbished Maguire’s claims with one of the arresting officers insisting there was ‘no mention’ of the ‘Albanians’ who attempted to harm the defender’s sister, whilst claiming the 27-year-old was treated no differently to other drunken holidaymakers after Maguire’s claims he was subjected to physical violence from police.

“There was no mention of Albanians and nothing about his sister,” the officer told The Sun.

“That issue was never raised. We didn’t treat him differently to other drunk British guys.”

The officer also spoke on Maguire’s BBC interview in which he protested his innocence and said he has no reason to apologise, branding the United captain a liar and rubbishing his allegations against the Greek authorities.

“Every time he opens his mouth, he lies. This was just a drunk guy getting in a fight. We deal with it a lot.

“But it has turned into something else with everything he says.

“Why would eight police surround him and not identify themselves? We’d lose our jobs.”

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